Our products provides visibility and traceability into crypto transactions through intuitive visualizations. The patented core technology enable use cases such as early detection of potential fraud, money laundering, ransomware addresses, and so much more. We can customize and scale our products to your business needs.

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Our Technologies

Deep Learning

Customized algorithms via machine learning to detect anomalies in transaction behaviors and activities by processing tera-bytes of data in real time

Digital Identification

Behavior-based identity detection and analysis without requiring Personal Identifiable Information (P.I.I.). Our product only focuses on what information is publicly accessible.

Multi-Dimensional Visualization

Intuitive visualization of both transaction trails as well as identity associations to dive deep upstream and downstream.

Performance & Scalability

Highly scalable solution with the ability to handle up to tens of thousands of queries per second including your own private network solution.

Our Products

Enterprise Solution for Digital Currency Exchanges and Wallets

A simplified version for reporting and education for the community

Online Safety Ranking Service


Running nodes for blockchain digital currency security, monitoring, deep learning and scanning system location.
  • North America (4)
  • Europe (COMING SOON)
  • Australia/Oceania (COMING SOON)
  • Africa (COMING SOON)
  • Asia (COMING SOON)

As of June 2019

>248 TB Indexed Data (1000TB Expected)

6000+ Suspicious Addresses Identified

3000+ Suspicious Addresses Are Being Monitored

Why blockchain transaction analyzing is important?

As blockchain transactions grow dramatically in the past year and digital currencies value increase, more financial crimes have been committed. A typical user might not be responsible for accepting 'unclean' digital currency, but a business owner / exchange might be held accountable for accept digital currency without first verify transaction amount.

Stay Compliant not just today but also tomorrow!

Our solutions make it possible to fight digital currency crimes. Our early detection algorithm and blockchain monitoring tools help exchanges, wallets and financial institutions fight crimes and stay compliant not just today but also tomorrow.